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Getting Started

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  1. First make sure you're logged in.
  2. For Lecturers username and password.
  3. For studenst index number for both username and password. Change your password after you logged in.

For Lecturers

  • Teacher quick guide Go To teacher quick guide.
  • How to set up your Courses.
  • How to involve students actively in their learning Activities.
  • How to add static materials to your course Resources.
  • creating questions for use in quizzes and uewvclass's lessons Questions.
  • Giving students access to your course Course enrollment.
  • How to control and display progress through a course Tracking progress.
  • How to put students into groups and why this is useful Grouping user's.
  • How to use the gradebook, scales and advanced grading methods Grades.
  • How to add extra items and information to the sides of your course page Blocks.
  • How to copy or recycle elements of your course Reusing activities

For Students

TypesetterCMS.com has a number of resources to help you do even more.

Help & Support

There are many ways to contribute to our project: